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What is Regulatory Thinking®?


The regulatory requirements of the healthcare market as a strategic opportunity by integrating them in the business model development – that is the essence of Regulatory Thinking®. Together with our inter-disciplinary partners, who have come together as a consortium, we have developed this unique mindset. By conveying this mindset, we want to enable startups, industries, and academics to navigate the regulatory and business pathway of their medical innovations faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

Our work focuses on the individual projects: We support by interpreting the regulatory requirements and providing the tools one needs to apply them to their case. It’s all about ENABLING.

With the consortium’s bundled knowledge of existing rules, regulations, common specifications, standards, and norms as well as our experience in integrating this knowledge into business strategies, Regulatory Thinking® creates a competitive advantage for medical innovations.

Thereby we can pursue our goal: Promoting the success of medical innovations on their way into the healthcare market – our contribution to positively influence tomorrow’s patient care.

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Who is Regulatory Thinking®?


To achieve our goal, Regulatory Thinking® unites several partners and experts from industry, science, and the startup-ecosystem in one consortium. These bundled competencies make Regulatory Thinking® a powerful tool.

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